Coworking Space

We're a Coworking Space providing you with all the necessary infrastructure like Wi-Fi, coffee, cold-drinks, printer,...
Since we do not have fixed deskes just grab any spot that's free. No registration needed, everybody is welcome!

Oh, have we mentioned that this place is a cafe during weekends? This means, a high class espresso machine, fresh cakes and more.




We are a non-profit organization thankfully supported by our members and supporters.
The space is provided on a pay-as-much-as-you-can basis.

The recommended price for a day is 15EUR and 150EUR for a month. If you need an invoice come and talk to us.

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday ~10:00 to 18:00
The space is open whenever a member is here ;)


Bike, Car, Walk

Coworking Cologne
An der Bottmühle 13
50678 Köln
50.922592, 6.962542

Public Transportation

Take the tram #15 or #16 to station Chlodwigplatz. From there it is a 5 minutes walk direction Ubierring and turn left at "An der Bottmühle".


Running the coworking space is only possible thanks to our great coworkers and sponsors.

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